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Group home, for Cultural Risk Management (KOA: Africa -all /'kijk op andersdenkenden')
S. Africa 2002 till '14: - security = bread and soccer
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THIS WEB is a LIBRARY with websites in a viewer. South Africa: learn, work, live, security

Congo, Arab world and Russia, 2016, TERRORISM
KOA Debate: all risk countries/Police States/ impact
on your Organization
un-security, STATES; Subjects as speaker in ACADEMY

S.Africa+Holland are Role model in risk studies; reader+ speaker on Russia, Congo; Saudi
LECTURE TITLE: - Arabs, a Stone Era in Leadership: 'State, Groups and risk of leader',
lecture Scarcity of women in government,, mosque gives unsecurity:

- Global Justice needs change in State Ethics, in Clan Group law, extreme Rulers
- S.W.O.T. of Risks. When change? Arab Ghandi who leads to modern culture?
- Arab. police states: Saudi Darksides/ Group risk. Now urgent in Syria and Egypt
Speaker 'Organizing a State' and culture, do Rulers fall? ... See in KOA
a. Political Emotions; b. State+Ethics; c. Group risks; d. leader Fates. Lezingen in Nederland.
a GAME in media can change a Stone Era in Leadership into Sustainable Leadership? Get girls educated, youth leaders. Get insight in male X/ conflict by explaining juridical nihilism:/ Lunacy by only males and Clans + by mighty of church. - KOA, male Y .....: IS/Suni'14 makes IRAQ, SYRIA a federation ... or new borders?
- Please e-mail or => twitter to a coach and writer, 2005 - 2014 ... - course Enquiry

Foundation 'Kijk op Afrika' (KOA) - founder Ed van Riemsdijk
LinkedIn about change in Leadership
KOA builds insight in States: -history, cultures / leaders: - anthropology, psyche, management, ethics;
constitutions:1. a vote for women anywhere
2. sex no issue for religion 3. voter defended against a Clan

Political emotions: - Allah, nasty male, fired
... his wife takes over, sends her daughter EA to our world for better laws; bring people together.
==> To understand realities , we need 7 factors:
7 for CULTURE and 7 for RELIGION,
which describe a situation per NATION.

Strategic Management of CULTURE - (as in: creative blue ocean for industries, look for 7 factors and weigh a policy of CHOICE in the factors)
THIS FIGURE: --> to the right we find the factors for peace and wealth -
............ Factor 1 and 2 should be low, as in democracies; factors 3 to 7 to be high.


Ad 1. +2. It is that dictators/ undeveloped population think ' it Will do', without factors 3 to 7
=> 1. an only males focus helps dictators. ... 1 and 2 should be low, as in democracies.
=>2. Religion is part of it/ No education => extremist, religious activity in the streets. We condemn
=> democracy brings DEBATE/ cartoons instead of 1 dictator

3. It is essential. It might happen / but, many more STATES have long failures for this factor
4. it's very tough, due it is religion. BETTER: China, Brazil, Korea; S'pore have multiple millions of conversians to loving christianity. SO, diversity means competition and IDEAS and harmony

5. Really tough, due it is 2 CHOICES, not applied in Arab world/ or it is due to sleepers in Africa
=> males let women, foreigners do THE WORK
6. It's 2 issues and tough. Creative is effort / work,work is a Religion of protestant calvinists
7. Competitive is for 2000 years a European standard: it brings IDEAS = WORK.
=> competition is a missing factor in other Societies. Far East picks it up today for its wealth..


ETHICS require Strategic Management for RELIGION:

- choices in 7 factors -

Factor 1. Middle East is full of it between all religious groups: hate

Factor 2. Dogma is male, fear; so DOMINATE. Religious marriage only. It supports hate.

Factor 3. male mania in religion of SUNI , catholics; women disposed. It supports male hate by fear. And war

Factor 4. Loving means inspiration, love for our State, CIVIL Society

Factor 5. Cyclic means female time to accept natural processes in peace
, instead of limited male time, which gives fear. Males create fear not love.

Factor 6. FLOW means that loving society, life flows easily, gives growth

Factor 7. Value the creation and its diversity. Create, it's female. Males AGAIN pose creator is male: the word god, Allah is misused to create fear.


Click pict. for protocols: time is needed to CHANGE UNSECURITY, IMAGES in BRAINS -
Political Emotions, Religion as Ideology for Political Inspiration or


U.N. -PROTOCOLS for now, in inter State relations, during those migration processes in STATES in the TIME to come: ( male becomes 1/2 of women value)

Pr.1. Russian bear, CLAW against Ukrain, federal? Or: Russia E.U. member for Rus Civil Rights?
Pr.2. Saudi antique, Group Rules, be replaced by individual law, for realizing Civil Rights of women.
Pr.3. Weak African nation/ spirit: black breaker as Ruler. Uneducatedness irritates versus white work power.

STOP MALE, towards SECURITY in non European Societies.

AD 2, antique, Group Rules
SO for HOLLAND, not as In KORAN -
- Arab, nomad clans, stupid in 700, be given LAWS of Islam for small minds
- stenen gooien bij graven, nare man => heerser over vrouw
- competitie in ook vrouwenfeest, ze is toch brandhout voor de hel
- islam en groepcultuur; heerser moet, vanwege CLANS, vechten om balans

- geweld van enkelen wordt gerechtvaardigd gevonden door de KORAN
- gilden van Mekka verdienen aan de Pelgrimage
- Mekka werkt in kaste- systeem; dus zijn er GETTO's en slaven
- kwakzalverij, angst voor boze oog=< teksten zeggen en mani- wetten
- zang van vrouw met vrouwen is beleving van verdriet

- ZAR: vrouw kan waanzin in haar benarde rol veinzen, om van man iets te krijgen
- in Mekka gedeit los concubinaat, is geen huwelijk; ook vrouw, in carrière
- gematigde moslim zoekt in oude kerkwetten => Un./academie, lezen is kapot
- hocus, pocus als onderwijs; alleen gewoonten van Allah wordt onderwezen
- Arabs: geen verschil in lichaam en denken/ ook andere tijd en ruimte, niveaus

==>> Nederland en Rusland maakten in 1700 'n eind aan handel v.h. Kalifaat
- die historie zit ze dwars plus onze koloniale imperia en opgelegde grenzen
- Arab, islamitische nomaden minderheid legt steden kerkwetten op: economie kapot
- Jews, christen betaalt 3x hogere belasting => ieder gaat over tot islam
- de eer is gerelateerd aan liefde voor man; vrouw wordt zo gestrafd
- man wantrouwt vrouwen, geen compassie; maniaal anti = SHARIA gedrag
- Sharia is arbitrage op elk gebied, tot dagelijks gedrag versus vrouw
- sharia zegt: man is haar sexuele meester / haar stem telt tegen 2 mannen
- rijke vrouw is HARAAM => is zijn slaaf
- SAUDI vrouw mag 3x uit huis=> trouwen / begraaf ouders, eigen graf
- SAUDI, salafist passen persoonlijke SHARIA dagelijks toe (wahabit rule)
- man neemt revanche voor zijn EER;