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In most regions in S. Africa, there are more educated
and all feel member of a STATE and feel secure.

Law prevails. ... Mandela father of State

Speel, werk, leef, reis in ZA!!
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- Traditional MASAI in Kenya experienced loosing ground. So, they sent suns to University to become LAWYER. It made a change in position

2. S.Africa: in poor rural area's in Limpopo+ KZN, Zulu-Natal, an educated wins. An uneducated always looses his ground in contracts. Kill? /=> Malema?
3. Plaasmoorde: a farm in S.Africa is a struggle area of GROUP Society, because poor and uneducated only meet in their own Group.=> Get Education now?

4. South Africa: in Eastern border regions poverty and traditional non education prevail. There is no State, but Group society ... White, black an easy one
5. In S.A., ARAB world is a trend to modern State, based on diversity; now still pockets of Group Society struggle, based on 1 Group identity.

6. 30% POOR: -either Zuma solves the problem of the poor and uneducated or S. Africa has TO FEAR REVOLTS OF TRADITIONAL VIOLENCE.... => these traditionals think in a survival society ( some in a feeling of Marikana/ 'achtergesteld zijn '), whereas a majority lives in a consumption society.  
... => Z. Afrika: schep banen, zoals 'n NLse club op platteland v.INDIA: - women on wings ...brengt ze van 50.000 naar 1 mljn. banen

CITIES: => a socialist major of Paris made it a bike city of 'menselijke maat' / human inter-
action. No right Power of CARS

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